WorkForce Development
We support local, regional, and national industry and government partners to provide innovative education and advance the nation’s economy.

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Strategic Goals
Our Vision 2020 strategic goals empower us to address the demand of a skilled workforce that will drive the success of our graduates and community.

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Campus Innovation
We’re 1 of 9 community colleges honored for efforts to promote sustainability education, programs, and training.

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Northeast is recognized as a premier educational leader and partner, with student completion and success being our highest priority.

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We educate students about agriculture science to develop expert skills to meet the needs of Nebraska communities, businesses, and industries.

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Water is an essential component to every part of Northeast’s agriculture curriculum including optimizing usage, management, and quality.

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Applied Research
We’re educating future farmer and ranch scientists to adopt new technologies, ask critical questions, and use data to grow more on less land with fewer resources.

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Global Impact
Northeast Community College students and faculty achieve a global perspective through international travel and projects.

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The Nexus


Northeast students will build upon family traditions and discover new ways of exploring agriculture to create a sustainable future. As new technologies and innovations in agriculture become available, students must explore new ways of producing food and conserving water and other natural resources to continue the long tradition of agricultural excellence in Nebraska.

Incorporating modern farming techniques like precision agriculture and best practices from applied research will help producers make data-driven decisions to increase production and reduce food and water insecurity.

Applied Research
The Agriculture & Water Center of Excellence will explore innovative, hands-on experiential learning opportunities related to crop and livestock production as well as improved conservation practices.

Applied research allows students to study the most current agronomic practices and science, experiment with new technologies, ask and answer critical questions, and prepare for the workforce.

Students enter the workforce incorporating these best practices and new technologies, becoming the next generation of early adopters and leaders in agriculture.

Nexus is More Than a Campaign
It is an ecosystem of success, innovation, and partnership. It exemplifies the connection of Northeast Community College to businesses, manufacturers, communities, and the world. Expanding on the achievement of Nebraska’s agriculture leadership, Northeast Community College plays an integral role in fostering educational opportunities for students and the community it serves.


For communities, businesses, manufacturers, and producers, a highly qualified workforce with expert skills and hands-on experience is needed to grow and meet the demands of today’s competitive environment.

At the Agriculture & Water Center of Excellence, Northeast is preparing students with knowledge and skills needed in the workforce. Graduates will implement best practices using the latest technologies to support business growth, increase yields, and conserve natural resources.

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Invest in the Next Innovation

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Service Area

NECC has regional offices and extended campuses across the state of Nebraska. Our service area covers 20 counties and 14,400 square miles.

NECC regional offices are located in Ainsworth, O’Neill, Norfolk, Hartington, South Sioux City, and West Point.


The Nexus of Partnership 

Northeast is successful because of partnerships with businesses, ranchers, communities, and farmers working together to develop students who will become your employees and your neighbors. At the heart of the next business venture, ranch success, and sustainable future is Nexus.

Through the Nexus campaign, you can invest in the next student, next farm, next community, and the next innovation. Together we can make a difference! Partner with Nexus.