Programmatic Support

Programmatic Support

The Agriculture & Water Center of Excellence will continue to support highly-qualified faculty with real life experience and knowledge, as well as industry partnerships that enhance learning outcomes. 

An investment in the Agriculture & Water Center of Excellence will help respond to the ever-changing needs of communities and residents in Nebraska and provide additional experiential learning opportunities for students.

Agriculture Applied Research for Nexus

The Need

Integrate Research & Technology

Additional faculty is needed to provide hands-on learning experiences.

  • As new technologies are introduced into the workforce and as new careers evolve, education must adjust and continue to incorporate best practices
  • Additional faculty are needed to coordinate applied research opportunities and integrate learning into the classroom

My Nexus Story

“We have approximately 9 locations in northeast Nebraska where on average we will have anywhere from 2-3 Northeast interns per location. It’s been a very good relationship. The students do various jobs in the field as well as some administrative duties.”

– Troy Frank, Helena Chemical, Norfolk

The Plan

Emphasize Critical Thinking & Problem Solving

Through programmatic support, the Agriculture & Water Center of Excellence will be a national demonstration site that highlights the impact of research, innovation, and hands-on learning.

Programmatic support will:
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  • Provide additional evidence-based learning opportunities that emphasize critical thinking and problem solving
  • Support faculty fellowships to provide out-of-class time for hands-on experiences and more in-depth learning

The Agriculture & Water Center of Excellence will empower Northeast Community College students to participate in applied research projects, internships, and other hands-on experiences, which promote success for businesses and agriculture industries.


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