Precision & Mechanized Agriculture

Precision Agriculture

Precision agriculture takes traditional farming methods, such as planting and harvesting, and applies optimization methods using technology and data. At Northeast Community College, our students participate in hands-on activities with state-of-the-art equipment and research partners to develop technical skills. They learn to interpret, analyze, and utilize data gathered from precision agriculture technologies to improve production.

Mechanized Agriculture

Over the years, agriculture has made many strides in transitioning from manual labor processes to machine power, which has greatly increased productivity on the farm.

At Northeast, we understand the value mechanized agriculture brings to the industry. Our program trains students to repair and maintain all types of agricultural equipment. This includes farm welding, troubleshooting and preventative maintenance, and the proper calibration of planting, irrigation, and harvesting equipment.

The Need

Lack of Space Limits Exploring More Innovative Opportunities

Northeast Community College has the opportunity to make a difference using science and technological innovation to address critical issues that will have a profound effect on agriculture.

Precision Agriculture NexusThe current Precision and Mechanized Agriculture programs are housed in a former maintenance building with limited space for:

  • Indoor hands-on learning with large equipment such as combines and tractors
  • Longer-term project work without repeated set up and tear down
  • A safe and efficient work environment

My Nexus Story

“Northeast has a large farming operation that is very unique. Students need experience with planting technology, irrigation, combine monitors, and more. The Agriculture & Water Center of Excellence is going to prepare students for all of the new technologies that are coming.”

– Steve Anderson,
Anderson & Anderson Insurance
Northeast Board of Governors

The Plan

Maximize Resources to Make Data-Driven Decisions

The precision and mechanized agriculture facility will provide a space for students to experience hands-on learning to implement best practices related to precision agriculture, research, and technology.

A new facility will provide for:
mechanized agriculture facility

  • Appropriate lighting, space, safety equipment and other modern amenities
  • Longer-term projects to make learning more efficient and productive
  • Collaborative, hands-on learning on multiple pieces of equipment in climate controlled areas


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