Pierce Family Ties to Northeast Run Deep

Published on: August 27, 2019

Ties to Northeast Community College run deep in the Unseld family of Pierce.

Tyler just finished his first year at Northeast, following in the steps of his dad and two uncles.

“I really liked the location, close to my home so I can live and work on my family’s farm while I take classes,” Unseld said.

Tyler’s great grandfather settled in northeast Nebraska, first in the Tilden area and then moved to Pierce in the early 1930s. The Unseld family has grown more ever since.  

As a fourth generation farmer, Tyler has that same passion to farm, working side by side with his grandfather, dad and uncles.

“Farming is all I want to do,” Unseld said. “I’m not learning so many new things but reinforcing and understanding the reasons we do things the way we do.”

Unseld is studying diversified ag for his first go-around while he contemplates talking diesel mechanics after his first associates degree is finished, just as one of his uncles did. Soil science is a favorite class of his and he is looking forward to his second year where he will be part of the crop judging team and soil judging team.

“I’m looking forward to traveling and meeting new people,” Unseld said. “That is one of the best parts of the classes at Northeast – it’s not just about sitting in a classroom – there’s hands-on work.”

Unseld likes to keep busy, so along with his work on the family farm with their row crop operation, he also works two off-the-farm part-time jobs, one in a cattle feedlot.

An FFA project raising ewes influenced his younger brother to start a herd of sheep and soon Unseld joined him. Together they have grown their herd to 120 ewes, a totally separate operation from Unseld’s father

During his first year, Unseld met a fellow student from Elkhorn, Christian Suhr, who had worked summers on his uncle’s farm near Seward and was looking to work on a farm as an intern for experience. Unseld’s uncle was interested so the internship with Northeast was set up.

“I love farming and I just wanted to find a farm set-up,” said Suhr who is studying livestock production and row crop. “I do a little bit of everything, learning the basics.”

Suhr hopes to find his niche in the ag world, working in an ag-related business. He laughed as he said the long hours don’t bother him a bit.

Unseld believes Northeast is one of the top-notch ag schools. He believes the people he has met and connections he has made will serve him well into the future, just as the Northeast connections made by his dad and uncles have served them through the years.

Funding for the$23 million project is currently being solicited to enhance and expand the agriculture facilities at Northeast Community College. In addition to the College’s commitment of $10 million, Northeast is seeking at least $13 million in private funds to begin the initial phase of construction, which includes a new farm site with a farm office and storage, a large animal handling facility and other farm structures for livestock operations, and a new veterinary technology clinic and classrooms. The new facilities will be located near the Chuck Pohlman Ag Complex on East Benjamin Avenue.

For more information, contact Northeast Community College Associate Vice President of Development and External Affairs Dr. Tracy Kruse, tracyk@northeast.edu, 402-844-7056. Online donations can be made through the website agwaternexus.com. Checks can be mailed to: Nexus Campaign, Northeast Community College Foundation, P.O. Box 469, Norfolk, NE 68702-0469.

Photo Cutline – Unseld

Tyler Unseld feeds sheep on the family farm near Pierce.