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Phase I – Spring 2020

Phase I projects are projected to begin Spring 2020 with the construction of the first three priority areas to replace the 1920’s College Farm. The fourth and final project of Phase I, Precision and Mechanized Agriculture facility, will begin once enough funds are raised.

farm livestock operations

Farm & Livestock Operations

Modernize farm and livestock facilities and equipment on campus to enhance student success.

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large animal handling building

Large Animal Handling Facility

Provide opportunity for students to learn low-stress handling techniques with a working cow/calf herd, swine, and sheep operation.

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veterinary tech

Veterinary Technology

Provide students with new facilities to expand hands-on educational opportunities for both small and large animal operations.

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precision mechanized agriculture

Precision & Mechanized Agriculture

Develop student skills to make data driven decisions and maximize yield potential and farm efficiency.

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Northeast Community College

The Nexus of Success

Northeast Community College is successful because of partnerships with businesses, ranchers, community leaders, and farmers like you. By working together, we can educate more highly qualified students who will become your future employees and neighbors.

Now is the time to bring facilities in line with growing enrollment, curriculum, and opportunities to meet the demand for a globally competitive workforce. Together, we can increase yields, conserve natural resources, and help grow the economy.

Partner with the Northeast Community College today. 

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