Large Animal Handling Facility

Large Animal Handling Facility

Our Animal Science concentration combines the latest in production technologies and animal management with computer, business, and analysis skills, including an emphasis on the selection, breeding, feeding, and marketing of livestock for a profitable return.

The Need

Address Efficiency and Animal Handling Concerns
Beef, swine, and sheep maintained on the College farm provide students with opportunities for practical experience in all aspects of livestock management.

livestock studies

  • Limited access for students to engage with faculty and livestock at one time
  • Faculty are unable to have students experience all aspects of livestock handling due to space and safety
  • Limited ability to practice applied research projects and to create specialized pens and handling equipment
  • Animal load out creates stress on animals beyond the norm due to difficult building and pen layout; therefore, Northeast does not typically have semi load outs unless absolutely necessary
  • Lab classes cannot easily be held at the farm due to space limitations so animals are loaded and hauled with pickup and trailer daily to the Complex

My Nexus Story

“Good stockmanship is not learned in a textbook. It is developed over time with practice. Providing a facility that will allow opportunities for students to foster those skills is critically important.”
Jacob Mayer, Project Engineer,
Settje Agri-Services and Engineering, Raymond
Northeast Agriculture Advisory Committee

The Plan

Hands-On Training with a Variety of Animals

The Agriculture & Water Center of Excellence will provide students with unique learning opportunities and hands-on training with advanced equipment and opportunities to work with animals of all sizes. In return, students will be able to go back to their communities to bring new insight to build upon the rich tradition of Nebraska agriculture. The large animal handling facility will be conveniently located on the new farm site.

This new facility will:
Agriculture Studies Livestock Northeast Community College

  • Improve facilities and equipment to create safe training areas
  • Allow access to multiple livestock handling situations
  • Minimize loading and trailering of farm animals
  • Provide facilities and equipment to bring new learning opportunities for students and the public
  • Increase experiential learning opportunities between students and industries


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