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Northeast Community College offers a state-of-the-art horticulture program to teach students the science, technology, and business of growing plants. The program has an emphasis on soil health including a lab which teaches about soil samples, texture, soil surveys, and nutrient deficiency.

To continue to provide an excellent education and teach the latest conservation techniques, updating the greenhouse is essential. In addition, a greenhouse also provides excellent opportunities to teach students about new and different ways to diversify their production and produce year-round.

The Need

greenhouse needsOutdated Technology
The current greenhouse is small and outdated and is shared by students and groundskeeping staff. This limits learning and doesn’t provide an opportunity to use the latest advancements in technology. Due to climate control issues within an aging facility, plants freeze in winter months.

My Nexus Story

“So much new technology has been created in the horticulture arena that our present greenhouse is totally inadequate. We have hydroponic systems ready to be installed, but have no space for them. The venting system and furnace are so loud it’s not possible to lecture within the structure. Any student wanting to be competitive in today’s job market in horticulture needs hands-on experience with plant irrigation systems, alarm monitors, venting systems, LED lighting, and hydroponics/aquaponics.”

– Kathy Goodwater, Horticulture Instructor

The Plan

Modernize Facilities to Implement Best Practices

A new greenhouse facility at the Agriculture & Water Center of Excellence will educate students for the workforce so they can apply critical thinking skills and technologies to grow plants for food and other
needs  while building a sustainable future for local and global communities.

These plans will provide:

  • A larger greenhouse with attached classrooms
  • Ways to explore diversification through climate controlled agriculture
  • The opportunity for students to gain essential workforce skills and utilize best practices


Invest in the Next Plant & Water Technology

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