Feed the World Nebraska Agriculture

Nebraska Feeds the World

A Sustainable Future for Nebraska Communities & Beyond
Investing in Nebraska agriculture helps sustain and grow our rural economy, addresses food and water security concerns, and protects our resources for future generations.

Global Impact

The impact of Nebraska’s crops and commodities extend beyond the state. It’s a significant force reaching the United States and across the world.

Nebraska Agriculture Exports

National Impact

Nebraska’s Effect on the US Economy

Ranked 4th among the 50 U.S. states, Nebraska agriculture is valuable to growing the nation’s economy.

  • $6.4 billion in agricultural exports in 2015 translate into $7.8 billion in additional economic activity
  • Since 2009, U.S. agricultural exports have increased by roughly 53%
  • In 2014, exports of U.S. food & agricultural products reached a record $155.1 billion

Local Impact

The impact of Nebraska agriculture goes beyond crop production. It provides people with jobs, significantly contributes to the economy, and as “the bread basket of the world”, feeds the lives of many.

Nebraska agriculture

Agriculture is Essential to Nebraska’s Economy

  • 1 in 4 jobs are related to agriculture
  • Every $1 in agricultural exports generates $1.22 in economic activities including transportation, financing, warehousing, & production
  • Between 2007 – 2012, Nebraska experienced a 5% increase in the number of farms and a 10% increase in new farmers

Leading Producer of:

  • #1 Commercial Red Meat Production
  • #1 Cattle Feed
  • #2 All Cattle & Calves
  • #2 Ethanol Production
  • #3 Corn Production
  • #4 Dry Edible Beans Production
  • #5 Soybean Production
  • #6 All Hogs & Pigs

Global Impact

Expanding Global Awareness
Northeast supports and develops well-informed global citizens who value diversity, understand the interconnectedness of the world around them and take action to support positive change. This is done through the incorporation of global perspectives in the classroom, through interdisciplinary coursework that integrates learning from a variety of disciplines, and through the engagement of diverse students, both on campus and through international travel opportunities.

Within the field of agriculture, students must be well-informed about the role agriculture plays in advancing personal well-being across the globe, and better understand how they can help feed growing global populations and ensure the sustainability of rural America.

Agriculture & Water Center of Excellence

The Nexus of Innovation
Northeast Community College, with its 12 programs of study in agriculture, 14 highly respected faculty members and its 500-acre College farm, is uniquely positioned to educate students about agriculture science and develop expertise and skills to meet the needs of Nebraska communities, businesses, and industries.

Our Nexus campaign for the Agriculture & Water Center of Excellence integrates innovation, applied research, and hands-on experience to grow our rural economy, address food and water security concerns and protect Nebraska’s resources for future generations.

Help us cultivate a sustainable future. Invest in the Next Farmer.