Farm & Livestock Operations

Farm & Livestock Operations

Northeast Community College seeks to modernize facilities to continue excellent programs for our students, staff, and community, while achieving our vision of reducing food insecurity to help feed the world’s growing population.

The Need

Antiquated Facilities
The College’s farm operations, housed in the 100-year-old former Norfolk Regional Center Dairy Barn, are outdated. These facilities present multiple issues in providing safe and efficient approaches to teaching and learning.
farm livestock

  • Space is not large enough to access additional high-tech equipment or facilitate large animals or growing classes
  • Poor ventilation, low ceilings, and improper layout complicate instruction
  • Outbuildings have dirt floors, no electricity, leaky roofs and are not large enough to shelter modern machinery from the weather
  • Buildings and feedlot have insufficient water drainage
  • Farm site design is not conducive to efficient, low-stress movement and handling of animals

My Nexus Story

“It is critical that we improve the ag facilities at Northeast Community College and diversify the farming operation. This should include outdoor pens with a lagoon so that students can learn how to manage them. They also need to learn how to buy and sell cattle and get experience with all the different aspects of raising a healthy herd. Students will then take that knowledge back to their farms to be able to compete down the road.”

– Ron Coufal, Local Producer, Howells
Northeast Agriculture Advisory Committee

The Plan

Increase Learning Opportunities & Student Success
New farm and livestock operations at the Agriculture & Water Center for Excellence will address safety concerns while providing students access to modern farming technology and applied research opportunities.

Northeast Community College Agriculture Farm

  • Updated site located north of the Chuck M. Pohlman Agriculture Complex
  • Machine shed for modern equipment and office
  • More space to train students about increasing yields with fewer inputs
  • More space for animals allows more on-site training experiences
  • A well-designed feedlot to better allow students to take part in hands-on learning such as feeding trials


Invest in the Next Farm

Northeast Community College is successful because of partnerships with businesses, ranchers, community leaders, and farmers like you. By working together, we can educate more highly qualified students who will become your future employees and neighbors.

Invest in a Sustainable Future

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