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Globally Competitive Workforce

Invest in the Workforce of Tomorrowagriculture jobs needed

Nebraska’s agriculture increases farming stability while supporting jobs both on the farm and in related industries such as food processing, transportation, and manufacturing. 7

  • 24% of Nebraska’s jobs are generated by agriculture
  • 25% of the state’s labor income comes from agriculture-related jobs
  • 27% of Nebraska’s total gross state product comes from agriculture

In Northeast Nebraska, agriculture is even more pronounced:

  • 51% of the workforce is employed by agriculture
  • 66% of labor income is generated by agriculture
  • 63% of the total gross regional product in Northeast Nebraska comes from agriculture

Workforce Development

Meeting the Demands of Today’s Competitive Environment
Northeast supports local, regional, and national industry and government partners to provide innovative education, and advance the nation’s economy. Our graduates support the local economy and add value back to the communities in which they reside:3

  • 99% of graduates are employed or continuing their education
  • 97% of employers rated Northeast graduates as either excellent of good in their career program
  • 82% of Northeast Community College agriculture graduates return to the family farm or enter the workforce, while 18% transfer and continue their education
  • 85% of Northeast Community College graduates are employed in their field of study
  • 85% of graduates are employed in Nebraska
  • 95% of employers rated Northeast graduates as either excellent or good in their career program
  • 58% of Northeast Community College graduates are employed in the 20-county service area
  • 8% more in earnings for Northeast graduates as compared to other new hires 1 year after graduation

NECC graduates infographic

Agriculture & Water Center of Excellence


For communities, businesses, manufacturers, and producers, a highly qualified workforce with expert skills and hands-on experience is needed to grow and meet the demands of today’s competitive environment.

At the Agriculture & Water Center of Excellence, Northeast is preparing students with knowledge and skills needed in the workforce. Graduates will implement best practices using the latest technologies to support business growth, increase yields and conserve natural resources. Join the Nexus. Learn more.