agriculture classrooms

Agriculture Classrooms

Centralizing agriculture classes in one area of campus maximizes efficiencies and allows for more integrated learning opportunities amongst faculty and programs.

The Need

Trained Workforce
agriculture classrooms need expansion

Agriculture Classrooms and lab space has not kept up with the large growth in the programs, and current facilities do not allow for any further growth.

  • Northeast’s agriculture enrollment has doubled since 1996
  • Classes, labs and offices are located in four buildings throughout the main campus, the college farm, and the Chuck M. Pohlman Agriculture Complex, requiring some faculty and students to make the 4.5-mile round-trip among facilities several times a day
  • Labs are often crowded and lack sufficient storage space for equipment

My Nexus Story

“We have many challenges that we’re trying to adapt to…the more educated and better prepared we are for this inevitable change… will make us better prepared as farmers to continue to produce and continue to provide the raw materials for food production here in this country. I think the Ag and Water Center’s vision of preparing for the future is excellent.”

– Keith Dittrich, Local Producer,
Dittrich Farms Partnership, Tilden

The Plan

Expand Classrooms to Increase Student Success
The plan includes developing a new building for classrooms adjacent to the Chuck M. Pohlman Agriculture Complex to keep up with increasing enrollment in Northeast’s agriculture and related programs:

Northeast Community College Agriculture Classroom

  • Agribusiness
  • Agriculture College Transfer
  • Agronomy
  • Animal Science
  • Dairy Technician
  • Diversified Agriculture
  • Horticulture / Golf Course Management
  • Mechanized Agriculture
  • Pre-Veterinary Medicine
  • Precision Agriculture
  • Veterinary Technology

The Agriculture & Water Center of Excellence classroom expansion will allow Northeast Community College to meet the needs of increasing enrollment and provide access to a high-quality education.


Invest in the Next Student
According to the College’s 2017-18 graduate report, 85% of Northeast graduates are employed in Nebraska and 58% of Northeast graduates are employed in the 20-county service area.

Northeast Community College provides students with the skills and hands-on experience your company needs to grow and meet the demands of today’s competitive environment.

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